Verifiable Branding Prove authenticity or ownership

Enterprise OEM verification tools for brands.
Items dApp is agnostic to all supply-chain management systems. Use items dApp to authenticate anything.

Certificate of Ownership

With items dApp you create non-fungible-tokens (NFT) on a blockchain to represent Certificates of Ownership (CoO). items NFT's are immutable, sustainable and transferable.

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Blockchain Secure

Create tokens on a distributed ledger for the highest level of security. Homomorphic encryption ensures the data generated from the items dApp is kept both public and private.

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Supply-chain Agnostic

The management and logistics of supply-chains are beyond cumbersome. Currently there are a lot of industry specific solutions for management. One thing they overlap on is Authenticity, this is where items dApp helps them.

  • free web applications
  • blockchain SDK
  • Super friendly support team

the NFR

Non fungible records are great for super rare or unique items. You can include any type of data or information. We encourage brands to embed content and any historic information about the creation of the product.

Non Fungible Records

A non fungible record is a digital asset that cannot be copied or tampered with.
Its secure by design.

A digital record to last a lifetime and more. Future collectable or family heirloom? There are tons of possibilities, it's up to you.

No personal information is required or included on a NFT. Owner privacy is by design, having no input for personal ownership data.

NFR's are 100% GDRP compliant.

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Modern Manufacturing

The items dAapp is easy to use as a stand alone application or through one of our supply-chain management partners.

Awesome Support

We like to keep the momentum up so we are here for you. We want to help you integrate this awesome product so feel free to reach out.

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Modular Components

Designed for web and mobile, you can use items dApp on any device and never skip a beat. Our goal is to validate your brand, not slow it down.

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No whitepaper, just a working dApp.

If we learned anything from 2018 it's we don't need a special coin or over-promising whitepaper. So we did the unexpected, we made a useable dApp.

Authenticate something

A variety of tracking sensors can be used on any item.

This includes QR codes, NFC tags, RFID's, Chipsets and more.

NFC tags

Depending on the item, NFC tags come in breakable form as well. This can verify if something has been opened or not. Great for liquids or electronics to ensure factory seals. NFC are a cost effective solution for any product.


Utilize our RFID printers to produce seals of authenticity in-house. Focusing on speed and efficiency, our modular setup can be added to any supplychain. Reach out today to learn more.

QR code

The most cost effective solution. Although QR codes can be copied, our use technique and application circumvents would be counterfeiters. You might be able to copy a QR code but you can't take ownership if someone else already has.

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Are you curious to how we do it? We have great technology partners

When we set out to build items dApp, we had a variety of technologies to use. We had to stick with what would be best for manufacturers, governments and consumers. In the end, we couldn't be happier and our product reflects that.

Our tech stack